Saturday, July 23, 2005


Friday Synopsis

We started an hour early today. Wake-up time has been 5:30 (4:30 your time). Yes, your son's are capable of awakening at this hour with the right formula of motivation, enthusuasm and sometimes a little ice water ;-).

We saw the Marine Corps Barracks and viewed a rehearsal of a parade. Next we went on a walk-around tour of the Capital. Next we saw the Supreme Court and then moved on to Ford's Theater. Lunch was at a food court at Union Station. We went through the National Air & Space Museum, the American History Musuem and moved on to the Lincoln Memorial, the Viet Nam War Memorial, the Korean War Memorial and finished at the Jefferson Memorial.

Can your really tour any of the Smithsonian Museums in 45 minutes. No. I tell the boys it's like that person at the supermarket that gives you those tidbit samples. You might love some and pass on others. You can come back later to engorge yourself on your favorites.

The weather was warm but better than yesterday. Tomorrow looks to be even cooler we have been told.

The scouts love our new bus and it's driver, Mr. Green. We gave him a complimentary council strip.

The tour guide, Mr. Chow, is very knowledgable and is well-liked as well. He asked us to sing "Oklahoma" sometime and the entire troop was able to recite the song. He was impressed by our performance.

Tomorrow we plan on Arlington cemetary and going back to the Mall.

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