Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Monday Synopsis

Check in went smoothly even with the strict new security procedures.
We were the second troop to register at subcamp 17. We were able to take advantage of the morning cool temperatures and get our campsite up much quicker than at shakedown.

I have cell phone access but barely. Often their is no signal. At best only 2 bars. The system we found out later is easily disrupted from overuse with some text messages not arriving until hours later. I depleted one half a battery today with light use.

By 4:00 pm we were done. About this same time a heat alert was issued restricting further activity. The temperature was around 97 and the humidity close to 70 percent.

We heard a siren and military vehicles moving about this time but nobody thought much of it. There are a lot of military vehicles and the helicopters very frequently patrol. I was told that the electricity was off. It wasn't a concern either as we had no electrical access and never planned on having any. We planned to use solar panels to recharge our batteries.

The latest information I have at midnight is that a troop in subcamp 7 was attempting to raise a large tent when one of the metal poles made contact with a power line. One scout leader was electricuted (the Scoutmaster ?) and 2 Asst. Scoutmasters were killed as well attempting to rescue him. Two additional people were injured because of insufficient protection with their equipment.

Other versions of 4 killed or leaders accidentally hitting an underground power line appear untrue at this stage.

Please join us and keep the victims and their families in your prayers.

Safety and security are top priorities at the Jamboree. All leaders receive an education in outing safety referenced in the Guide to Safe Scouting.

The tents all 3 troops use are standard BSA wall tents and dining flys. Nothing goes over 7 feet in height.

The Jamboree is a big place. We didn't have information from Jamboree officials until a Scoutmaster / SPL meeting at 9:00 PM. It's easy to not hear about an incident when campsites can be miles apart.

We plan a careful and safe time. A special surprise may occur later this week. Troop morale is high.

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