Friday, July 29, 2005


Scout Socks - The Good and the Bad

Blisters are the number one item treated at the Jamboree. I believe I have found one cause - regular issue Scout socks (above). The premium issue (below) are made by Thorlo and don't rub at all.

I started using Smartwool years ago and never a blister using them. They feel cool in the summer by wicking and warm in the winter even if wet. I'll use them exclusively during backpack treks.

The jamboree requires a scout issue sock. I have discovered blisters when using the regular socks. The Thorlos are being washed and worn daily now.

I wish Smartwool had a BSA version (green with red top) acceptable at the Jamboree. Many other leaders and youth use them on outings - especially backpacking. Another fix is to wear a liner.

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