Friday, July 22, 2005


Thursday Synopsis

Yesterday had a few snags in our tour. The main one the boys will remember is the bus breakdown on the way to DC from Philly. A belt broke in the engine compartment resulting in loss of engine coolant and the A/C. The bus drivers had a spare and were able to replace the belt and the coolant. We had no A/C and drive almost 3 hours in mid 90's heat. The scouts handled it well however and we made sure they had plenty of cold water to drink. We got a new bus in D.C. last night and enjoyed the night tour. I gave the tour provider back at the hotel my "constructive criticism" to ensure everyone has a safe & cooler experience for the rest of our journey.

Today we begin an hour earlier to make up for some things we missed yesterday and then plan on the Capitol, Ford's Theatre, Holocaust Museum, Arlington Cemetary and the Lincoln, Korean & Vietnam Memorials.

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