Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Tuesday Synopsis

Something new this Jamboree is the camp-wide PA system. It's a lot like the system at Slippery Falls which was cruddy but improved. Ours is so-so. It does get the messages out.
QBSA "The Eagle" is on 95.1 and is very professionally done. Scouts have a chance to be a DJ for 15 minutes.
K2BSA is the amateur radio station. They are making contacts on several bands. I was successful in talking to an FBI agent at K3FBI. I was able to get a few scouts to talk as well earning them a QSL card which is a post card from the radio operator.
Activities ran until early afternoon when the red flag went up. The biggest challenge is convincing boys to drink.
Tomorrow is eagerly awaited as the opening arena show begins somtime around 6:00. A Scoutmaster only briefing was conducted tonight to review the procedures necessary to get the estimated 60,000 people to the arena. There are lots of details to cover so don't expect as many postings.
President Bush will be giving an address to the Scouts. Matt B. and Corey N. have been picked by the leaders as the two hardest-working scouts during the Jamboree. One will be in the greeting line to see the President get off his helicopter and the other will have an up close special event yet to be disclosed.
This time, the Southern Region has been promised good seating: up front and center. We have been promised good seating for 2 reasons. The President's home state is in our region and our region was promised this location in 2001 but it was cancelled due to mud following rains.

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