Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Venturing Mine

Patrol size groups are taken inside for a trip through the Venturing Mine. The begin with a briefing and hardhat sizing.

They next go into room which simulates an elevater ride with a spring loaded floor. Upon exiting they go down a slide and learn about a cave environment via sound-isolating stereo headphones. Each Scout listens to a narrated audio program of cave sounds, cave wildlife, water drips etc. in a completey darkened room. Next comes an indoor air rifle range.

After plinking a few varmits, they move on but an earthquake begins thanks to a shaking floor surface.

The only way out is a small 4' x 4' escape tunnel which has a rope driven trolley for about 20' in darkness. The tunnel segment is similar to the scene in "The Great Escape" with Steve McQueen.

Once out of the tunnel, They discovered an injured Venturer miner. A cave collapse has him/her trapped with a broken leg. The patrol must survey the scene, assess the patient and treat his/her injuries.

Once rescued, the patrol must navigate a completely darkened cave. About halfway the group triggers a sensor and a railroad locomotive light and sound begins at the end of the tunnel to give a scare before they exit.

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